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9d Vr Game Machine

9d Vr Game Machine

What is 9d vr game machine? 9d vr game machine virtual reality experience is the best interpretation of panoramic,immersive and interactive experience. It broke the shackles of the modern world, to provide a window to the virtual world. Here, you will enjoy the miracle of time travel experience,...

Product Details

What is 9d vr game machine?

  9d vr game machine virtual reality experience is the best interpretation of panoramic,immersive and interactive experience. It broke the shackles of the modern world, to provide a window to the virtual world. Here, you will enjoy the miracle of time travel experience, fully into a never been to the real world and enjoy the wonderful feeling. No boundary perspective and movement restrictions for 9d vr game machine, so every experience is unique. Other traditional entertainment experience system cannot reach it. 9d vr game machine will meet the aspirations of every person to experience the unknown world, to explore the unknown field.

  9d vr game machine, translated as dynamic experience virtual reality platform, it's consists of (VR) glasses, dynamic special effects platform, 9D films and PC operating platform, make the audience to have the most powerful realism sense from the auditory, visual, tactile, as exposure to the film, through environmental simulation to have wind, rain, electricity, smoke, snow, bubbles, flames leg sweep, poke back, shake, cigarettes and other environmental effects, so that to can enjoy the experience to fall, vibration, wind, rain, leg sweep and other new real feeling, immersive and fun.


What is the features of 9d vr game machine?

Ø Free vision

HD 2k resolution two eyes independently, without dead ends  brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings  

Ø Interactive cabin with dynamic effects

Vibration make you free to move in the new funny world

Ø Amazing experiences

Explore every wonderful creation of our world,broadcast the moment at present, predict the future

Ø 360 ° rotating platform

Rotating platform is based on a high level freely.Once advancing, turning around, you can have fully experience of the real pleasure from the spatial displacement of the new funny world

Ø  head tracking target

Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360 ° head tracking, you will feel your whole body into the world of film when turning around

Ø Rich content

Boundless Universal,Endless Ocean,Hail of bullets......Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now


vr chair.jpg

FAQ of 9d vr game machine

1. Minimum Order Quantity 
For new customers, they can place a trial order to test the product’s quality and the sales in their markets.

2. If the voltage and plug of your product will come with my standard? 
We will confirm Voltage and plug with customer and produce machines as the customer’s request. 

3. If your company can custom product as my required and put my logo on?
All of our product are designed and customized as required including color, print, pattern and logo. 

4.If your company will send engineer to my country for technical problems?

With many years manufacturing and exporting experience we have gained rich experience for malfunction of machine.,we can put an end to these malfunction.If there is any problem our technicians 
will handle you a solution in details,insert related instruction photos,make you clearly!

5. Lifetime of your product? 
It’s according to the maintenance of product, generally speaking it’s about 3-5 years.

6.If your company can provide interpreter for us? 
Our company will provide the English interpreter for 9d vr game machine for free, as for the rare language

 we will help customer to seek an interpreter company with favorable price and good services.

8. If your company can help me to reserve a hotel if we come to visit your factory?
Our company can help customer to reserve a hotel if they come to China and we can pick up customer at airport or hotel if necessary.

9. How about malfunction? 
Our technician will make a professional solution with picture for customer, 9d vr game machine shows how to 

operate step by step. If the spare part breaks we will replace it for customer with kind of charge 
or without charge.

10. How long will 9d vr game machine takes to deliver goods from china to my country? 
As for the time different port is different. Generally speaking it’s about one month by sea,3-7 workdays by air. 


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