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We Summarized Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of AR And VR

- Sep 27, 2017 -

AR technology

AR is an acronym for Augmented Reality, and the Chinese name is "Augmented Reality", a new human-computer interaction technology. Through AR technology, let the participants to interact with the virtual objects in real time, in order to gain a wonderful visual experience, but also can break through the space, time, and other objective restrictions, feel unable to experience in the real world experience.


The roots of augmented reality can be traced back to the birth of modern computers. Back in 1968, Sutherland, an associate professor of electrical engineering at harvard, invented a headset called "sword of Damocles", the first virtual reality system.

The system USES an optical perspective headset and two 6-degree trackers, mechanical and ultrasonic. Due to the technology is not developed, a whole set of equipment is very heavy, so the display device can only be placed in the ceiling of the user's head, and connected by connecting rod and head wear equipment, able to convert simple wireframe to images of the 3 d effect.

iNhV-fymesmq8420790 (1).jpg

VR technology

VR is a kind of virtual reality technology, through the computer technology to generate a simulation environment, at the same time the user was to create a 3 d dynamic imaging, can be understood as a kind of simulation system of the real world. While the earliest VR technology was used in the military field, the most common product was the head-mounted display.



From the evolution of virtual reality technology, it is found that the concept of virtual reality is still in the incubation stage of the swaddling in 1963. 1963-1972 is the embryonic stage of virtual reality; During 1973-1989, it was the generation of virtual reality concept and the preliminary formation of theory. 1990-2004 is a further improvement and application of virtual reality theory.

In general, AR (augmented reality) sees scenes and characters that are truly fake, bringing virtual messages to the real world; VR (virtual reality) sees scenes and characters that are fake, made by computers, and immerse you in a virtual world.


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