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Movie Power Popular In Dubai Show

- Jul 11, 2017 -

In Dubai, a mysterious and fertile land, has always been hailed as "local tyrants" label, this is the second time we go to the Middle East Dubai international entertainment show, but still could not restrain his inner excited, because can see those lovely customers again.


Although setting up an exhibition is a challenging for us, because of the deep friendship with many clients in dubai, the show has become so easy.

On the first day of the exhibition, our VR racing car and VR - family was favored by foreign customers and attracted a lot of customers to take photos. All of them expressed their sense of immersion and experience.Of course, so many customers place orders on the spot.

After the exhibition, we have dinner with exhibitors from all over the world, and we are sharing information about each other's industry together. It is a great benefit to us.

This trip, we also visited the old customers amusement place, he and we share a lot about the way of business, seeing our products are very popular, We feel a sense of accomplishment in our hearts.

The customers are very enthusiastic, not only to take us to play, to visit Dubai local customs, but also to prepare presents for us, to make us feel the warmth of home in a foreign country.

In fact, the trust between people is the basis, is to treat customers as long as your product quality and service in place, customers can give you much more than so many orders, you can harvest a rare friendship.

Our VR products is so popular, so we will continue to show all over the world, to share good products from the rest of the world, let the people can feel the joy of the game of VR around the world.

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